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If a Martian came to earth and you told ‘em there was an animal as big as a bread truck that had two long teeth sticking out of its head, and it ate by picking up grass with the end of its nose and putting it into his mouth, that  Martian wouldn’t believe you for a moment.  P. T. Barnum would be embarrassed to tell a whopper like that. 

Paul Kelly, Part II

Paul’s father and grandfather Kelly had some art skills, and Paul aspired to that as well.  While his work wasn’t first rate, it wasn’t bad either.  Here is one from his grandfather: While he had email through the JPay system he would send me digital …

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9 year old boy lying down with an African lioness in a circus cage.

Paul Kelly, Part One

Greint Report for May 21.  Paul Kelly I began writing to Paul Kelly about 7 years ago.  He had occasional columns in Circus Report, a trade magazine of the industry.  He wrote of his and his family’s experiences, and always ended with a request for …

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The Dog of Bethlehem

Rahkell-“She who is a friend to sheep.” Habib- “Happy.” Amahl- A boy’s name in the Holyland, and a tip of the hat to Menotti’s Christmas opera “Amahl and the Night Visitors.” Francis, who loved the animalsMade the first manger scene,With ox and donkey, cow and …

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Baby Jesus Caper

In 1988, Mary and I purchased a little nativity scene at a market in Mexico City.  The figurines are all about an inch tall, and the set has become something we absolutely need to put out every year.  It contains the usual shepherds, sheep, cow …

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