Hold that book, but you’re risking your privacy

When my local public library to an online catalog from a company called Bibliocommons, it now requires library users who want to place a book on hold to register with that company, which then keeps track of everything they have checked out. This is a serious violation of reader’s privacy, and this this guest opinion in The Oregonian addressed that problem. Hold that book, but you’re risking your privacy: Guest opinion – oregonlive.com

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  1. Cecile Morrison

    Hi Tony. I was looking for your essay on volunteering for Afghan refugees as Chuck and I want to donate to a relocation organization for Ukraine refugees. I noticed you have some interesting library science topic with references to articles. I miss your thought provoking, often amusing, essays. I hope you are well and just taking a break. These are mentally and emotionally challenging times as masks come off and we hope for a normal. I am witnessing friends and family all coping in many different ways. Sending encouragement, peace and friendship to you.

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